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Tanya Constantine -Bay Area Photographer (Sonoma County)

North Bay Area professional photographer Tanya Constantine provides  model, actor, corporate headshots and professional portrait photography to leading Bay Area modeling and talent agencies.  She covers the area - Santa Rosa, Healdsburg, Windsor, Petaluma, and San Francisco.  She works with clients in her studio in Rohnert Park or on location where she can either take advantage of the natural light or set up her equipment on location, depending on the need of the moment.  She has mastered the lighting in her studio to provide maximum catch lights to create the very best possible images. She guides her models through the process of letting go of their fear of being photographed by creating a safe atmosphere wherein to be loose enough to allow their spirit to come forth. She uses music and a very encouraging and supportive tone of voice that allows people to relax and enjoy the moment.  There are very few photographers who know how to do just that.  She is one of them. And her photos prove it.  Just look at the highly expressive looks in the models' eyes.

Tanya's passion is capturing the essence of the moment, as seen with her creative events, wedding photography, and celebrity photos.  She also captures the essence of movement, which you can see in her stunning dance photography.  Dance is what Tanya did in her youth.  Her mother was a prima ballerina with the Ballets Russes de Monte Carlo, notably, so Tanya started training in professional dance classes at the age of 3 1/2. Needless to say, she has the feel for movement!  She knows timing, which is essential in doing dance photos - so she can catch that ultimate move at its ultimate extension.  It's a great gift to have, and she has it. 

Tanya travels all over Sonoma, Napa and Marin Counties, as a professional winery photographer.  She enjoys being present at important moments, and thrives on the high energy of the crush.  She is also an avid yogi and is known for her gorgeous yoga photography!  Her favorite pose is Mayurasana or peacock pose. She was the only one in her yoga teacher training class to hold the pose!  

Tanya also does product photography for advertising, which she enjoys doing.  She is very easy to work with, and people love working with her and becoming her friend.  She works with word-of-mouth referrals, and gets numerous repeats.  

Call 877-263-4488 or Contact Tanya to schedule your professional photo shoot or headshots or product shots with Tanya Constantine Photography. Also, check out her stock photos: https://www.blendimages.com/photographer/140/tanya-constantine

"Tanya's clever eye and expert skills produced photos beyond my greatest expectations.  I will use her again and again…. Tanya is a master at capturing the essence of your beauty and soul.  She is the best and I recommend her HIGHLY!"

 - Jaclyn Grace, Author/Event Director, San Francisco Bay Area