Headshots North Bay Area

Tanya Constantine provides Professional Actor Headshots and Modeling Headshots for a very reasonable price, because she loves working with models and performers! She has a gift of getting her clients to relax and putting them at ease in front of the camera. Her shots reflect the models as they are, with genuine expressions, bright eyes and a vibrantly alive look. 

"One of my favorite things to do is to do headshots.  Headshot photography gives me the opportunity to get close to the models, and create a safe place to get to their essence.  I have music in the studio going on all the time, and I create an atmosphere where the models feel safe to express who they are.  By the end of the photo session, the models feel invigorated, inspired, and ready to take on the world.  It's a great feeling to hear later when their photos got them work.  That's when I feel I've done well for them.  It's a great feeling, and there's nothing like it.  I love my job!!!"  - Tanya Constantine

Headshots for Actors

Tanya provides professional actor headshots for actors and performers throughout the San Francisco Bay Area. Many of her clients have returned to her again and again – from the launch of their acting career to celebrity status!

Modeling Headshots

Tanya loves model headshots photography, focusing on the unique look and spirit of each person.  She has launched more than a few models to stardom with her stunning headshot photos!

Looking for a Corporate Headshot?

Tanya takes a fresh approach to Corporate Headshots, capturing a certain authenticity and character of each individual which truly makes the company stand out! 

Get free corporate headshots with every Corporate Photography Package. 

Headshot Prices

Headshot Packages generally run around $400. This includes a 2 – 3 hour on location session with Tanya, plus post-production work on 6 – 8 prime images.

Tanya will provide you with a high resolution CD with 100+ images which you can use in a variety of ways, including sfcasting.com and social media. 

North Bay Headshot Photographer Tanya Constantine

Tanya Constantine is a top San Francisco headshot photographer specializing in headshots for actors, models, dancers, entertainers and other creative professionals. Tanya works with leading San Francisco modeling and talent agencies and does creative corporate portraits of lawyers, sales teams, property managers, doctors throughout the San Francisco Bay Area.

Call (877) 263-4488 or Contact Tanya to schedule your professional headshot or portrait photography with Tanya Constantine Photography.

"Tanya Constantine, you have the talent to bring a smile out of everyone.  I still remember when I was a new model and you were dancing at our photoshoot to make me smile... thank you.  By the way, that photo booked me jobs!"  

 - XingKai Wu, actor/model

"The best picture ever taken of me was by Tanya Constantine. It is a picture the entire world sees and recognizes as me. It has developed a life of its own as I have a rather large online presence, and it has become my signature brand and the picture from which I am recognized around the Globe."  

 - Laura Ann Jacobs, Artist, laurasaura.co