Sonoma County Wineries

Photographing Sonoma County Wineries 

I went on a wine tasting tour in Sonoma County with my friends Kathrina Miranda of MIMA, Inc. (who does branding and marketing) and her right-hand woman Lupe Martin.  We had a blast, going from place to place.  I loved the antique wine barrels in Martinelli's tasting rooms with all the old wood dating from the beginning of the 20th Century! Grapes were ripening on the vines right outside the door, both green AND red. Gorgeous!  Harvest Moon Winery's environment was beautiful, too. The wine barrels they use are of course not antiques, but I loved the shots I got.  Can't wait to go take some more shots of more vineyards!

Winery Photographer Tanya Constantine

Tanya Constantine specializes in professional winery photography in Sonoma County and throughout the San Francisco Bay Area. She loves capturing the natural light and beauty of the Northern California vineyards and wineries. 

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