"I have been in the TV news business for more than 42 years, and I’ve had countless promotional photo sessions; yet I can say emphatically that my recent session with Tanya Constantine was one of the best ever.  Working with other photographers, I have often been disappointed with how “posed” and unnatural my photos have looked.  Tanya made me feel completely comfortable, not like I was “posing”; and the photos from our session portray me in a most flattering way—comfortable, confident, and natural.  Thank you, Tanya!"  

 - Spencer Christian,  TV Newscaster & Weatherman

"I worked the GAP for 2 years; from 2005 – 2007 as a Print Production Manager for Gap Brand Internal Communications. I was looking for a photographer for a new product launch and a friend highly recommended Tanya. Working with Tanya was a great experience. She is professional, flexible, self-directed and is able to assess a project and understand what is needed. Flexibility is extremely important at a company such as the GAP as frequently things are chaotic; shoots cancelled, product not ready, limited time to produce etc etc. Through it all Tanya maintained her calm manner and professionalism and produced great photos. I would hire Tanya again in a second and highly recommend her for anyone looking for someone to get the job done, on time, on budget, trouble free..."

 - Ellen Markoff, Print Production Manager

As a rapidly growing healthcare technology company, our product photography had not kept pace with our new product development. We worked with Tanya over an 18 month period to completely re-shoot all of our products, and could not have been happier with the results. Many of our products are very institutional looking, yet Tanya found creative ways to make each product shot interesting and engaging for the viewer. Her photography has been used in marketing brochures, white papers, sales proposals, and on our website. Also, working with Tanya was always a joy. She has a very positive attitude, and a great sense of humor; I always enjoyed our photo shoots.

Kent Roberts, Director, Marketing Communications, Omnicell, Inc.

"Tanya is the reason I am what I am.  When she discovered me ten years ago I was a government employee in a windowless office.  Her photos have proven the commercial power of my image upon which I am building an amazing career as a model and actress.  Because of her photos, I have been ranked on IMDb #13 out of 2000+ actors..."

 - Mahal Montoya, model and actress

"Beautiful and brilliant are the words I use to describe her work… I love working with Tanya and some of the work she has done with me is on our web site, New Beauty Magazine and Long's Drugstores."

 - Shonna Hall, Manager of Spa at Solage, Calistoga

"Tanya Constantine, you have the talent to bring a smile out of everyone.  I still remember when I was a new model and you were dancing at our photoshoot to make me smile... thank you.  By the way, that photo booked me jobs!"  

 - XingKai Wu, actor/model

"Tanya's clever eye and expert skills produced photos beyond my greatest expectations.  I will use her again and again…. Tanya is a master at capturing the essence of your beauty and soul.  She is the best and I recommend her HIGHLY!"

- Jaclyn Grace, Author/Event Director, San Francisco Bay Area

"Tanya Constantine is an AMAZING photographer. I highly recommend her! Tanya has been an instrumental part of my business success."

 - Kristin Morrison, Entrepreneur and Author, BestYearCoaching.com

"She has a sharp eye for detail and makes it her priority to guarantee the best pictures possible. She takes her time to scout the perfect location and you can easily tell she has a deep passion for what she does."

 - Frances Cuevas, Dancer, San Francisco, CA

"The best picture ever taken of me was by Tanya Constantine. It is a picture the entire world sees and recognizes as me. It has developed a life of its own as I have a rather large online presence, and it has become my signature brand and the picture from which I am recognized around the Globe."  

 - Laura Ann Jacobs, Artist, laurasaura.com

"I would like to acknowledge a wonderful photographer, Tanya Constantine, who took amazing photos of me and the piano during the summer! I have been using these photos to promote my recent performances. Tanya is a talented photographer with a very upbeat personality! She is not only taking great photos, there was so much fun while working with her!!"  

- Jou-Lu Hung, pianist/voice and piano instructor, San Francisco Bay Area

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